Itty Bitty Bracelets

An old friend of mine, Dorie, wrote to me wondering how she can find bracelets for her teeny tiny wrists.  She is so petite and really has trouble finding bracelets that look right on her.
Here are a few of my little tips for Dorie and for all of the other petite ladies with the same problem!

  • Shop Vintage!  It is amazing how small many of the vintage bracelets are!  Ladies must have been smaller in the past decades because the vintage clothing, jewelry and shoes are typically small sizes. I recently bought a vintage bracelet for a great price because it was so small.  My tiny friend, Janet, was about to have a birthday and I knew that it was meant for her when I saw it.  Check out The Revolving Closet on Main Street in Grapevine for a great selection of small sizes. 
  • Shop Children’s and Tween’s Stores!  I adore all of the fantastic accessories at Crew Cuts (the children’s line from J Crew.)  They have miniature versions of their grown up designs and I am sure they will have plenty for you to choose from.
  • Shop China!  Many Chinese women are petite and the jewelry sold there is quite small!, a Chinese Fashion Site, has a very cool selection and Free International Shipping!
  • Hit the Repair Shops!  Many repair shops will take links out of bracelets for you so that they fit properly.  Of course, that won’t work for every style but it is great for link style bracelets.

I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any tips and tricks to help Dorie or if you have any other fashion questions of your own!  Write to me here.

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  1. Kelley on July 28, 2010 at 6:11 pm

    Kimberly – There's also smaller bangles that are made that actually block the larger bangles and keep them from falling off. A friend of mine that makes jewelry – you actually met her at the Sferra event with Ronda C – Farrah B, sells them. They are made in many colors, often made from glass, and coordinate with your other bangles.

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