Green is one of my favorite colors!

I love love love children’s toys that are “green.”  These two items completely fit the bill!  
These Eco Stars crayons are adorable and easy for little hands to hold, they are also made from crayons collected from the National Crayon Recycle Program!  They are made in the USA, nontoxic and even the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials.  The boxes contain 20 crayons for $8.95 so they make a great gift too!
The same site also sells Miss Brittany’s Organic Preschool Fun Dough.  Miss Brittany is a teacher living in New York who was alarmed by all of the toy recalls and dangers that she continued to hear about so she set out to create an organic toy that would encourage playtime and great learning experiences!  
Here are three of her creative Fun Dough activities from her website that you can do with your kid-os:

*For the child with the sweet tooth:organic play dough ice cream cone Throw on a Miss Brittany’s “Organically Awesome” eco-friendly apron and make your own Fun Dough bakery. Take small cups, fill them up with Fun Dough and invite Mom, Dad, and play dates to “sample” your yummy Fun Dough treats.
*For the child who loves sportsFun Dough easily rolls into balls. Set up a little basketball hoop and practice making three pointers. The sky is the limit and just about any sport can be creatively interpreted with Fun Dough.
*For your Restaurant Savvy TotRoll up your child’s sleeves and let them get to work. Put out a cash register, kid friendly plates, and some crayons with notepads. Let your child open up their very own Fun Dough Café now serving interpretations of pizza, pasta, and sandwiches.

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