Wedding Gift Guessing Game

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I recently got a note from a sweet gal named Lynda who is nervous because she doesn’t think her parents are planning on giving her brother and his bride a wedding gift in addition to the beautiful showers and extravagant rehearsal dinner they are hosting.  She thinks that they definitely need to give them a gift and she wants to know what my opinion is!  Well, Lynda, I completely agree.  I know that weddings get expensive but I do think that, as the parents of the groom, your parents should present the newlyweds with a special gift.  I doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be special.  Maybe you could suggest to your mother that she pull out a family heirloom to give to them.  They could also give them something that they received and cherished as a wedding gift when they were married.  Again, the cost is not the important part here (they are already spending a lot of dollars on the party!) but the thought is all that counts.  It is also a really nice time for them to sit and write a letter to the newlywed couple.  They could include their tips on a happy marriage, wisdom from their years together, or just a simple note saying how happy and hopeful they are for the new marriage.  Sentimental things like that are always cherished.
Best wishes!

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