Tricks for an easy Summer Party

I love entertaining but summer entertaining in Texas can be tricky!  Here are few quick and simple tricks:
-To keep pasta salads (or any cold dish) cool, use both a small and a large bowl.  Fill the large bowl with ice and then nest the smaller bowl in it!  It will help your food stay cool for up to two hours!
-To keep your hands from getting sticky, cut a small slit in the center up a muffin liner and slide it under the Popsicle on the stick.  It will catch the drips and you can buy them in cute colors and patterns.
-Load your hot dog and hamburger “fixin’s” into a caddy or tote than go from the fridge to the table in a heartbeat!
-Fill a cute basket with sunscreen in various strengths and bug sprays.
-Use a beach towel as a tablecloth or runner.

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