Summer Safety!

It is so important to make sure your kids are safe when they are playing outside and goofing around this summer.  Helmets, sunscreen and bug spray are on my list!

-These adorable helmets from Little Nutty’s are just precious and will make safety fun!  At $45 they are a great way to provide protection for your little cyclers, scooter racers and mischiefs!
-Sunscreen is so important!  Protect your children with Little Twig Non Chemical Sunscreen in SPF 30+. They skipped out on the chemicals and mineral oil and added antioxidents and made it water resistant.  It is alsoparaben,  nut, soy and wheat free and Pediatrician and Dermatologist reviewed.  Its great for the whole family, from newborn to adult.
-When you are trying to keep those mosquitos away, opt for a natural Deet Free bug spray like All Terrain’s Herbal Armor Deet-Free Pump Spray.    It is a time release formula so it will protect your tots for hours.

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