Look great in your Summer Scrapbook!

Looking good in a bathing suit shot is something I try to leave up to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models!  Sometimes I can’t avoid having my photo taken while trying to relax in a swimsuit or at a pool party though!  Looking back through some old photos I found one where my arm seriously looked as wide as my thigh!  I was mortified.  It motivated me to do a little bit of research and figure out the little tricks that can help me photograph a bit better! Here is what I learned:

  1. Try to avoid photos taken at high noon as the light is harsh.  Morning light or just before sunset are the most flattering.
  2. Be sure the camera is at eye level or slightly higher.  Anything lower will give you a double chin.
  3. Don’t look directly at the sun as it will make you squint.
  4. Check your posture before the shot!
  5. Smile….in a relaxed natural way.  
  6. Pretend you love the camera.  Often people who look the best in photographs genuinely like having their picture taken.  Join their club!  It shows!
  7. Lean slightly back with your weight on your back foot and turn slightly sideways.  I tested this.  It works!
  8. Remember, there is always photoshop!

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