Prom Etiquette….Yes! There is such a thing!!!

Prom night and graduation parties seem to bring out the best in kids, right?  Well, although that may not be exactly accurate I do think that we should arm our teens with everything we can so that they have fond and fun memories of their special events.  Here are few tips for Prom Dates everywhere to keep in mind if they want to have a night to remember instead of a night to forget!
-Always walk up to the door to pick up a date.  Text messaging your arrival or honking are not cool!  Be brave and see this as your chance to meet your dates parents and make a good impression on them!   This is true at the end of the evening too!  Walk your date to the door!  Most kids are not taking corsages to their dates anymore but showing up with a bouquet of flowers couldn’t hurt!
-Allow time to take photos.  I know it is a little bit embarrassing but you will be so happy you have them later!  Don’t yell at your mother for taking them or cringe when your dad pulls out the video camera.  Your date will understand.  He or she has parents too!
-Who ever did the inviting should do the paying too!  If the guy asks the gal to the dance then he should pay.  If the girl asks the guy, she should pick up the bill unless he offers to do so.
-Dance with the one who brung ya!  In other words, don’t chase another person around the room or hang out with your friends and ignore your date.  Your attention should be on your date!

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