Paloma’s Nest

I am crazy about Paloma’s Nest.  Paloma means “dove” in Spanish.  It is a powerful symbol of peace, tranquility, hope, rarity, purity and elegance and the founder of the company, Caroline Vasquez, didn’t even realize it when she gave the name to her daughter!  Paloma’s nest is a busting, full time studio in Austin Texas but Caroline’s artistry has been admired all over the world including features in Martha Stewart Weddings and Vogue Living.

In an effort to replace the fluffy ring-bearer pillow that often end up stuffed away in a box with something that would last and that could be displayed in the home, she created My Ring Bearer Bowl.  It is a small ceramic dish with meaningful text stamped into it.  They have wonderful phrases like “To have and to hold” but you can also customize it with names and a date.  My Ring Bearer Bowl has two small holes near the top rim.  It comes with a silky cotton cord to tie the rings with but you could also replace it with a ribbon that co-ordinated with the wedding colors.  After the ceremony, the bowl could be displayed on a counter top to hold rings or hung by the cord either on the wall or as a holiday ornament.  So clever!

The line also includes party favors, gifts, tabletop and an annual Holiday collection.  The little dove bowls are my favorite!

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