Gifts for Teachers!

I appreicate the hard work that my son’s teacher puts into her job more than almost anything.  She is watching over my most treasured possesion and molding him too!  I know her job isn’t easy so I really want to come up with something special for her.  I polled my friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter and here are some of the suggestions that they came up with:
-Themed Gift Baskets were a popular suggestion.  A movie night at home would be cute!  You could put in a few films, a bunch of popcorn packages and candy, and even a throw or blanket for snuggling up with.  I also loved the date night basket that a teacher told me she recieved.  It had a bottle of wine, and gift certificates for a pedicure, dinner and a movie!  Cute!
-Another teacher suggested that we leave the chotchkes at home because they have plenty of them!  Gift cards are much appreciated by all of the teachers at her school.
-Anything monogrammed seemed popular too!  Madison in Highland Park Village has adorable makeup bags that can be monogrammed and they do the gift wrapping too!
-A directors chair with the teacher’s name on the back will certainly make your teacher feel more like a movie star!
-I loved the sentiment in my friend Ashlee’s suggestion!  She likes to give a cut crystal rose bowl with a votive candle inside and a note that says “Thank you for being a light in our child’s life.”

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