Get Buttoned Up!

I love the organizational tips and tools at Get Buttoned Up.  They are fantastic!  Their daily tips are terrific and their free forms are fantastic too!  My favorite free form is the Goal sheet that helps you outline the steps you need to take to reach your goal!  I am really good at writing down my goals but outlining how to get there is another story!  This makes it easy.

I also love their Life.doc binder.  It comes with a great CD that allows you to fill out the forms on your computer and insert them into the binder or email them to others.  It is a great place to hold all of life’s important information from your family’s emergency plan and health information to legal and budget info.  It is not fun stuff but it is laid out in a fantastic way that makes it easy to organize.
 The also have a binder for your pet’s information, school organization and notepads to help you organize.  Get yourself buttoned up today!

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