You can customize anything now!

I am really picky so I love anything that I can customize!  About a month ago I told you about how I customized my Villy Customs Crusier and I love it.  It is one of a kind and suits me!  Now I am going to customize energy bars! At element bars you can pick out exactly what you want in your energy bar from the flavors to the textures!  The other great benefit is that they leave out the preservatives that so many energy bars are crammed full.  You get to pick what is inside but you also get to name it!  They give you clues to let you know how your ingredients will help you.  They have ingredients for Brain Health and Memory, Heart, GI Health, Antioxidents and Muscle Strength! I love that as you build and add to your bar, the Nutrition Facts are displayed on the right side of the website.  This is so great!

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