Time to store your winter clothing!

Yeah! After a few false alarms, I think it is now officially time to store our winter clothing! I have heard from a bunch of friends that they started to put their cold weather clothing away only to be surprised by our recent snow storm! If you think it is finally time to stick it away for next winter, here are a few tips for storing your off season clothing:

-Make sure your clothing is clean before you put it away. Clean clothing is less likely to attract insects. Also, if you put dirty clothing away, the dirt is likely going to set into your clothing and make a stain that might be impossible to remove!
-Line your boxes with Acid Free tissue paper to keep your clothing from turning colors or getting damaged.
-Avoid plastic containers that do not breathe potentially causing mildew and mold. The best storage is a clean suitcase that you are not using!
-Avoid mothballs (they are poisonous and stinky too!) and use cedar chips instead.
-Never hang your clothing to store it as it can get pulled out of shape. Always fold it!

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