Groupon: Collective Buying Power

Have you used Groupon yet?  It is so interesting!  There are nearly 50 cities worldwide that have this fantastic collective buying power website available.  Here is the deal (and it is a deal!):
1. Go to Groupon.com and enter your email address and your city.
2. You will receive “one ridiculously huge coupon each day, on the best things to eat, see, do and buy in your city!
3.  If you like the deal, you buy it online and get a printable coupon.  Each Groupon is available for 24 hours and you can watch to see how many others buy in!
Most of the deals are credits.  For example, you can purchase $25 worth of business services for $10.  Many are for food, beauty services, or fitness for every once in a while there is a true surprise such as a hotel stay, a sky diving lesson or a painting class!

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