Who doesn’t want an “Any Way You Want It” Cruiser!

I am more excited about this “find” than any other I have ever found! It is great because it provides healthy, clean, green fun! I met my new friend, Fleetwood, at The Dallas Flea last weekend and I am crazy about his Custom Cruisers from Villy Custom! The cruisers have a fantastic vintage look to them but the modern technology provides a fantastic smooth ride. Of course, I was less concerned about the ride and more concerned with the look! I hopped on the website and I was almost as impressed with the user-friendly site as I was with the actual bikes! The site opens to a page with four bike styles on it, two for men and two for girls. I selected my style and then started putting my new bike together. Each element of the bike can be changed from the tires to the bike chain. There are 14 fender colors, 11 tire colors, 8 chain colors, and 31 seat cover options! The coolest part is that after you select your favorite colors, you can see the changes right there on your “virtual bike.” As if that is not enough, you can also change the setting of the site so that you can view your bike in day mode, night mode and neutral!

After careful consideration and a lot of playing around on the site, I picked a white frame, cognac wheels and leather handles. I added a red chain, red cup holder and a red racing stripe! The exciting part is that it only takes three days to get your bike! If you want to pick up your one of a kind custom creation (his showroom is at Mockingbird and Central Expressway) write “free local shipping” in the discount code section and you can go pick it up three days later!
Once you own your custom cruiser, you can keep up with fellow owners on Fleetwoods organized weekend rides! Some weekends he organizes a ride for donuts, other weekends he rides to a wine tasting! Hurry up and order today so that you can have yours in time for his ride on Saturday!

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