Spring Break Staycation

Staycations are become more and more popular. The idea of staying home and skipping the testy travel does have a certain appeal, not to mention the money saved! The trick to a successful staycation is to make a plan and keep the activities fun!
  • Give each day a different theme and tell you children about them ahead of time so that they can look forward to it. Designate one day Outer Space day and visit the planetarium and watch Star Wars or have a Princess Day, Wild West Day, Dinosaur Day or Nature Day. Be creative and let your kids pick themes too!
  • Use this time to tackle some of the projects that you never seem to get to. Schedule a time to clean out your kids rooms with them or organize your photographs. Give your children an assignment that they can be proud of helping you accomplish.
  • If you are missing the beach, bring the beach home! Visit your local hardware store and purchase some sand for your back yard. I love Crayola Sand for it’s festive colors! Set out your beach towels and bring out the sand toys! You could bury shells or little treat toys in the sand and have a treasure hunt!
  • Consider volunteering with your children. If there is a charitable organization that you are particularly interested in, give them a ring and ask them how you and your family can help. Imagine the example you are setting for your children and the memories your will make.

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  1. Paul on March 11, 2010 at 10:54 am

    These are great staycation ideas!

    If you are looking for some more ideas, I found this great staycation blog at:


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