Pedicure Perfection

I love getting a pedicure this time of year. It seems like less of an indulgence and more of a necessary beauty treatment now that I am wearing sandals and open toed shoes! I am always a bit nervous about some of the horror stories I hear about coming out of the nail salons though! Staph infections and fungal infections like Athletes Foot are not all that uncommon when the salons don’t follow the proper sanitary guidelines! I did a bit of homework so that I can have a safe and effective pedicure this spring!

1. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, foot baths and tools are typically at their cleanest first thing in the morning so try to be first appointment of the day!
2. Invest in your own set of tools and ask the nail technicians to use yours. If you go to the same salon often, they might order you some and let you keep them there.
3. Don’t shave, wax or use a hair removal creme 24 hours before your appointment. The tiny little abrasions in your skin make a bacterial infection more likely.
4 Cuticles provide a protective barrier so don’t let your technician cut them.

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