Kitty Love

I adore finding things that are made by hand or designed in a unique way. Somehow, knowing that they were not mass produced and the idea that the items were made with love instead of in some sort of factory causes me to cherish it more! I love giving hand made things as gifts too! I always know that the recipient is not getting something that they already have or that I might be giving them the same thing that someone else is!

I was thrilled when I stumbled upon the KittyBabyLove booth at the Saturday Market in Portland last weekend. They adorable kitty shaped crayons were the perfect thing to bring back for our son, JR! The crayons are made at home by Sara and Ben who describe themselves as stay at home parents who cherish the time they are able to spend raising their precious son. The business is clearly a family operation but I must say that the items look so stylish and chic that it is hard to imagine they are not backed up by a major branding corporation or a professional design team!
The crayons are ergonomically correct and fun to use. They are sold in a pre-selected pack of either six ($18) or four ($14) and are packaged in adorable egg containers. The website is wonderful so order yours today! They are capable of doing custom jobs too so write to them if you are looking for something specific.

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