Dwell With Dignity

I am head over heels crazy for the latest Non-Profit group I have discovered. Dwell With Dignity is made up of a group of Interior Designers who volunteer their time designing and installing all of the furniture, art, bedding and kitchen supplies that a family battling poverty could need. They even stock the pantry. All of their “clients” are dealing with major hardships (for some, they are finding a roof after homelessness) and DWD fills their new homes with great design. Their goal is to bring good design to those less fortunate inspiring them to maintain a standard of living they can be proud of and thrive in. They believe that changing their surroundings can change their outlook on life. Children especially see the standard of living and will most likely carry it forward. It is inspiring and provides a peaceful and cheerful home surrounding. I am sure that the fact that they have volunteered and provided for them inspires the recipients as well!

Here is how you can help: You can donate dollars to underwrite needed furniture, donate your gently used furniture (in many cases they will refurbish it or reupholster it) or you can volunteer. Volunteers on the installations do everything from making art and sewing pillows to hanging drapes and making beds! Click here to see some of their amazing design projects!

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