Decal Decor

I have been searching for an affordable way to add a little pizazz and punch to my son’s playroom. It is all white with the exception of his bright toys everywhere! When I found Dali Decals I knew that I had found the solution! They are affordable, easy to install and we can easily remove them when we want a change! I was immediately struck by this Dandelion Nursery Wall. It is so charming and I love the white decal on the pink wall. So simple and so sweet at the same time!

This Window Decal is perfect for those windowless rooms or random extra spaces.
This Fancy Crystal Chandelier so adorable! It adds instant charm to any space that doesn’t have a ceiling fixture. I am going to order one for my sister’s apartment.

The Princess Headboard Decal wins the prize. It is so perfect for any little girl’s room (or even adult girl!). Not only is it adorable and sweet but, at $40 it is a lot less expensive than a headboard!

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