The Purina Chef Michael’s Be My Valentine Doggie Dinner Party

We had such a great time at the event last night, in spite of the Blizzard. All of our four legged guests showed up in the finest and enjoyed the Chef Michael’s Canine Creations served off of a silver tray! There are more photos up on my facebook page so check them out! My favorite part of the evening was having the honor to announce Purina’s donation of $7500 to

The lovely Elizabeth Rohm, the star of Hero’s, shared a heartwarming story about her dog, Homer. She rescued Homer and was told that his leg was in bad shape. Instead of giving up on him, she spent hours with him going to physical therapy and nursing him back to tip-top shape! She calls Homer her “boyfriend” and has declared him her Doggie Valentine.
A survey by Purina showed that 60% of dog owners will include their dog in their Valentine’s Day celebrations! I hope you will include your dogs in all of your holiday celebrations too! We came up with a sweet acronym for the word LOVE to help you make your dog feel fantastic.

L – Lounge around with your four legged friend and watch tv or a favorite movie. There is nothing like that quality snuggle time with your dog!
O – Order in for yourself and serve a thoughtfully prepared meal for your dog.
V – Valentine’s Day gifts go a long way with dogs! A new bed or collar will perk them up!
E – Extra special pampering means making your dog look as good as she feels!
Let me know what you do to make your dog feel loved!

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