Lists for Life

Julie and I love lists! We are always sharing tips and ideas for keeping our to-do lists organized. Life is hectic and crazy so my list is a tool that helps keep me sane! Just writing down my list of tasks helps me feel like I have it all together. I am so excited about the new Lists for Life book by Rory Tahari, the creative director of the fashion design house, Elie Tahari. Her book contains over 100 lists to help you tackle life’s challenges one step at a time. She tackles tough transitions such as planning a wedding and buying a house as well as stressful situations such as handling an emergency or preparing for a hospital stay. Her lists for raising children and becoming a parent are very insightful too. She includes great questions to ask a potential care taker and a list of questions you should be prepared to answer in a parent/teacher interview. I hope I don’t ever need her chapter of navigating through a divorce! She even has a travel packing list application available on iTunes!

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