Consign Time!

Happy Birthday to my fantastic Father-In-Law, Stuart Whitman. Stuart is a true cowboy and played one in many films and Television shows. He was also nominated for an Academy Award! His birthday made me think of an incredible sale of Movie Posters that I recently heard about. Justin and I love admiring some of Stuart’s old movie posters but I didn’t realize that there was such an incredible demand to collectors. We don’t plan on selling any of ours right now but if you are in the market to sell something special then please keep reading! There is a fantastic auction house right here in Texas that can help! Heritage Auction Gallery is the World’s largest collectibles auctioneer and will not believe some of the things that they recently sold. They sold Jack Ruby’s Fedora for $53,775 and JFK’s last signature for $38,837. They also sold an ancient Egyptian Mummy’s Head for $31,070 as part of a Natural History Auction and the most important Babe Ruth Game Used Bat on Earth for $537,750! Amazing! The great part about HA is that you can take in your items and receive a free auction evaluation. The experts at Heritage Auction Gallery will check out your item and tell you what kind of price it might receive at auction and then you can decide if you are ready to put it up for sale! There are great tips on the site to help you authenticate your items and give you an idea of their value. Some of their categories are Coins, Comics, Currency, Entertainment Memorabilia, Stamps, Rare Books, Sports Collectibles and Movie Posters.

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