Clover’s Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions

You have all heard me sing the praises of a gift that lasts so I was thrilled when I found that the on-line magazine Clover had featured some fantastic suggestions for lasting Valentine’s Day gifts. Founder and Editor, Chesie Breen is so chic and I would take her advice on ANYTHING!

She suggests an amazing Silk Carnation Wreath ($220) from Sebastian Li. If this is a bit over your budget, I suggest you head out to the craft store and try to make one on your own. You could use a feather boa instead of flowers for a dramatic effect.

She also suggests a fantastic “Love” umbrella in a plum color by my favo
rite calligrapher (or artist rather) Bernard Maisner. Bernard is incredibly talented and I sometimes have parties just as an excuse to have him create something for me! This umbrella ($95) is the perfect way to carry his art work around!

Leontine Linens is one of my favorite resources. This year, Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day fall on the same day so Leontine is marking the occasion with an adorable “Be Mine” pillow embroidered in Chinese Red “Chop Stick” pattern. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Chinese flair this year and order in your from your favorite Chinese delivery, set the table for a romantic meal for two and put the pillow on your loved one’s seat!

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