Birthday Countdown Chain

Who doesn’t love to countdown the days until a birthday? Every child loves to and, I must admit, I love to do it too! To make the countdown a little more exciting for your child, you can have fun helping them make a countdown chain! It is so simple! Cut paper into strips about 1/2 an inch wide and 6 or 7 inches long. Cut as many strips as there are days to count down. Let your child decorate the strips or use fun scrap-booking paper with a cool design. Make rings with the paper and staple them together. Loop the next ring around the first one and staple it. Repeat it for the number days you are counting down.

Hang the countdown chain in a visible spot and allow your child to cut or rip a ring off every day!
If you are not crafty and you prefer to purchase one, check out Big Day Chains!

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