What I learned from Hutton Wilkenson

Our first Feather Your Nest event was so much fun! Thank you to everyone who attended and to the Ritz Carlton. For one reason, our speaker, Hutton Wilkenson, was fascinating and for another reason, Steve Kembel was sitting at my table! Hutton taught us a great deal about what it was like to work with the late, great Tony Duquette, the only American to have a one man design show at the Louvre! His books about Tony are amazing and he truly demonstrated Tony’s style and flair through old photographs and comical stories. Here are few of the great things that I learned:

-Use your imagination: Tony loved to scour flea markets. I love to do that too! Hutton showed us an amazing photograph of a court train that he purchased and had made into a dress for his wife! Not only was it incredibly beautiful but it also had a great story!
-Tony said “It is not luxury I live for but beauty.” Isn’t that great! I absolutely agree! I admit that I love beautiful china and antiques but I must admit that my favorite table settings are the ones I created out of finds from garage sales and the dime stores.
-More is More! Hutton actually titled his book More is More but joked that his next one will be called Enough is Enough! The truth is that more can be more if you do it with style. I loved the example in the book of a wall that Tony covered in abalone shells. Tony actually said that if only one abalone shell existed in the world, there would be wars fought over it. Well, lucky for us, there are kazillions of them! They are incredibly inexpensive but the effect of papering a wall in them was breathtaking beyond words!
Check out Hutton’s books for more inspiration. He is so talented, amusing and charming. You will not be disappointed!

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