Put a Lid on It! New Years Organizing Tips from All In A Row!

Top 10 Organizing Tips for the New Year 1. Keep it simple – Pick one small area and decide to get it purged, sorted, and organized and then maintain that area during the year. 2. Less is more – If you want to take control of your space you have to eliminate clutter. Donate unused or excessive items (do you really need 10 different coats or 20 dish towels?) to your favorite charity and get a tax write off. 3. Find a purpose – Designate a shelf for a particular purpose “yoga accessories” or “guest bedroom sheets” and only put items pertaining to that purpose on that shelf. 4. Your labeler is your best friend – Mark what each shelf is used for with the help of a label it will take the stress off of you and other people in your house because everyone will know where to put things away. 5. Ask for help – If you’re really stuck in one project, call an organized friend and talk your concerns over with her, take your issue to the container store, their staff is very friendly and willing to brainstorm a solution with you, or call all in a row! 6. Put a lid on it – Contain your projects or like items together so they’re easy to keep up with – keep all your knitting needles, yarn, etc. in one bag and make it your knitting bag. 7. Save time – Locate an area closest to the door you use most in your home and create a space to keep your purse, keys, and sunglasses. Practice consistently putting your things in this area and you’ll always know where they are when it’s times to head out. 8. Lighten your load – Open your mail close to the trash and recycling and immediately let go of credit card offers, catalogues you don’t read, and any other items that might pile up forgotten in a corner. 9. Make a list – Before heading out to run all those errands, take a few minutes to plan your route. This will save you time and gas when you’re out on the town. 10. Practice the attitude of gratitude – Remember to take time to be grateful and have fun while you organize. This will change the work from a task to a positive experience.

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