Photo Perfect!

I love looking through old photos but I get so overwhelmed trying to keep them organized! Especially now that we have JR because he is so funny and we are constantly trying to snap “cheeses” of him! He loves it! Here are some fun ideas and ways to keep your photos organized!

  • Julie told me that she uploads all of her images to Kodak Gallery on the first of every month. I love that idea! That way they are organized chronologically and you can always find what you are looking for! She also makes a book for each month it is mailed to in an organized and memorable fashion. Shutterfly offers a similar product as does iPhoto. It is instant scrapbooking!
  • I have an addiction to printing photos out. I know it sounds a bit old fashioned but I like to send them out to friends and frame the really good ones. I store my prints in boxes like this one. I just make a tab every time I add in a new event. It works really well as long as I don’t let a big pile back up! My mom uses boxes too but instead of putting them in by event or date, she devotes a box to each member of the family and has others for group shots. It is a matter of preference. I also love the organizing tools from
  • If you have old family photos or photographs that are very special, you might consider investing in some materials to help you keep them safe. There are so many special products designed to prevent discoloration and deterioration. Check some out here.
  • I like to leave out a basket of bowl of photographs on my coffee table for people to peek through when they are over. I typically fill it with duplicates so that they can feel free to take the image home if they like it.
  • If you are looking for a way to give your holiday snapshots a new look, upload them to Rollip. You have options for a dozen different effects that are so cool! They can give your photo beautiful textures and faded colors that old photographs used to have. You will love it!
  • Another cool website that you can give your images a new look is All Pop Art. Send them your photograph and they can turn it into a Warhol-esque masterpiece or print it on canvas.

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