Other things you can do with Wine!

I love getting my magazines every month and I was fascinated by a little booklet sent to me by Real Simple Magazine as a Thank You for renewing my subscription. Inside the booklet was a great list of extraordinary uses or ordinary things and I loved the suggestions they had for wine bottles and corks.

  • Use a pair of empty bottles as bookends. I love this idea! We often use our wine bottle as a “guest book” of sorts at special occasion dinners. We pass around the bottle and a gold or silver marker and everyone will write a message. We always put the date and occasion at the top and then keep the bottle in a wine closet. Now we can put those mementos of special occasions out on a shelf to hold up books.
  • An empty wine bottle is a perfect rolling pin!
  • A pair of empty bottles is a great way to keep your boots up when you are not wearing them!
  • Use the cork to cap the end of a knife before you put it away. Not only will it keep the knife from getting dull but it will also keep things safe!
  • Poke your small stud earrings into a cork and throw it in your travel bag. No worries about loosing those itty bitty accessories any more!

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