Not Your Grandmother’s Quilts

I confess that I adore quilts. My Grandma Horst makes one every year and donates it to her Church auction and my Grandma Schlegel had such an amazing collection of them that her local newspaper dubbed her the “Queen Bee of Quilts.” I have a few really lovely quilts that my grandmother made for me and truly treasure them. You can not imagine my excitement when I heard that the classic quilt has been given a makeover! I adore the quilts that Shari Lidji or Red Llama Studio is making. These quilts are truly one of a kind! Her quilts look like a work of contemporary art and the fabrics she uses are modern and chic. She even uses baby blankets and old tee shirts to complete her masterpieces. She recently made a beautiful prayer shawl for a special bat matzvah and posted a video about it. Check it out here! Amazing!

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