I Love Popcorn

There are so many times when I am at a loss for what to send to people as a gift. Flowers are not always right. Gift cards can be impersonal. Popcorn might just be the perfect new thing! Right here in our neck of the woods we have a fantastic “Popcorn Person,” Sarah Conrow. I have known Sarah since we were little girls and I can tell you that she does everything in the cutest way possible. Like all of the girls in her family, she is hard working and has great style. I am so excited about the gift items she offers at I Love Popcorn! There are tons of flavors and she has really cute options for Valentine’s Day. I think I will order some for JR’s teachers so that they know how much Justin, JR and I appreciate them. Gift bags start at $7 and go up to about $70 but I know Sarah well enough to know that if you call her and need something extraordinary, she will deliver!!! Sending gifts is a hard task but who doesn’t love popcorn!

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