Trinkets, Tokens and Treasures – Personalized Novels!

If you are looking for a way to commemorate your family’s history this Christmas, I have found the perfect gift for you! Why not have a book personalized for those on your gift list!

Trinkets: Children are delighted when they open a book but imagine the thrill when they see their name inside the book! I love the personalized holiday books from Personally Yours Books. The are $15.95 and a great treat for the kids on your guest list. I am ordering mine today!

Tokens: Books By You is a unique way to give a novel that is personalized for you recipient! You select from one of their pre-written options in categories that range from Romance Novels to Westerns to Mysteries and they will send it back filled with the names of your friends and families. You simply fill out a questionnaire and they send you the completed book. At only $39.95 this is a fun gift that will surely surprise and delight the friends on your list. You can order for Christmas delivery thru the 22nd of December.

Treasures: Legacy Novels will spend time personally interviewing family and friends, talking about life’s fondest memories, funniest stories, significant life events and relationships and their team of writers will compile the stories, adding visual elements such as beloved photos and letters, into a custom-designed and titled, hard bound, professionally published novel that reflects each of our client’s unique personalities and life experiences. Upon completion, you will have a book that looks like it is right off the shelf of your favorite book store. It will be hard bound with a custom color dust jacket. There is no specific formula for the novel so you can include anything you like from family recipes or reproductions of historical documents. You can also choose an audio CD or personalized DVD including video snips from the interviews!
Although it is a certainly and “investment” (prices start at $3500), it is well worth it! The basic package includes 10 copies of the book and a book signing party for up to 20 guests. The also provide a discount to families with a military service background. Although the books could not be ready for Christmas, the do offer a beautifully boxed gift certificate that you can present to each member of your family.

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