Stress Free Holiday Tips

December is my favorite month of the year but it is also my busiest! I have few tips to help you manage your way thru the Holidays without a lot of stress!

  1. Wrap a few gifts every day. Go ahead and label them but don’t put the bows and ribbons on yet. This way you can stack them up and keep them organized. In addition, they will be easier to transport. Embellish them the week of Christmas.
  2. Make it festive and tackle your to-do list with friends. Host a few friends for a baking party, Christmas card addressing party, or gift wrapping party. Make it fun! Provide them with a lot of the supplies they will need and a few snacks and you can chat away about your favorite holiday traditions over a cup of peppermint hot chocolate!
  3. Always keep a few extra gifts in your closet for those people who accidently got looked over or for those who show up at your door with a gift in hand!
  4. When shopping for Christmas, keep a list and budget. Be sure to find a way to designate which gifts have been purchased in a color or fashion that will keep you on track.

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