Dry Chapped Hands! Let’s help Julie!

This entry is for Julie who wants to know what she can do to get rid of her dry chapped hands this time of year. And she is not alone! She said that all of her friends are complaining too! I am happy to share my tips on this because I love trying hand cremes! I am a bona fide hand creme connoisseur!

There are so many factors that can contribute to our dry and chapped hands. Our dry cold weather is one factor but frequent hand washing can contribute too. I know that we are all washing our hands more frequently now to stay healthy! Long hot baths and showers can make it worse as well.

My favorite hand creme in the whole entire world is amazing! It is Natura Bisse’s Hand Silk and I hope you will go the counter at Neiman Marcus or Barneys to give it a test run. It is pricey at $32 for 2.5 oz but it is water resistant so it does last a long time. It never gets greasy and it also protects from the sun with SPF 15.
Julie heard from a NICU Nurse that Neutrogena Hand Cream will do the trick. I tried it and I really like it! It is a bit heavy and I put it on right before I was about to drive and the steering wheel kept slipping thru my hands! I noticed that after a while it soaked in and it made my hands feel soft after the first use. Purchase it thru ULTA.com and save 15% making it only $3.64 from $4.29!
Take advantage of your sleeping time and slather your hands in Vaseline right before you go to sleep and then slip on some cotton gloves (available at drug stores).
If you are more keen on at home remedies you can try these from womenfitness.net. I tried the sugar and lime and it was great! They recommend taking one tablespoon lemon juice, one tablespoon sugar, one tablespoon water. Lightly mix all ingredients and rub all over the hands. Keep rubbing in until it starts to dry. Rinse with water and your coarse hands will be so soft!
Rumor has it that Plain Crisco Shortening works like lotion! Just rub it in and let it go to work! Olive oil rubbed in to hands will help but it certainly isn’t easy to cart around in your hand bag!

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