Slimmer Legs Now!

I have always been a bit self-conscious about my legs. They are one of those troubled spots that I can’t seem to fix no matter how much I exercise! When I heard a world class stylist recommend an instant trick for slimmer legs I listened up right away! Here a few of her tips:

-Dark Leggings are lady’s best friend! Tights are back and they are so slimming when they are in a dark color. This season, hunter green tights are all the rage and they could work for you as long as you get them in a dark green matte finish. Shiny tights can make your legs look bigger!
-The classic small fishnet can be very flattering. If you are wearing a tight skirt or dress, opt for a thigh-high version so that the pattern does not show through. I like to buy the inexpensive version as I have a tendency to tear mine often!
-The fishnets with a larger diamond design fool the eye and make you legs seem smaller in comparison. I like the “Tabea” by Wolford.
-A nude color open weave tight is genius if you buy it in a control top that will help you shrink your hips and thighs. The nude is a subtle way to wear this trend if the black is too much for you. I love the “Open Weave Tight End” by Spanx.

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