Picking the Perfect Paint Color

Got a new wall color in mind? Here are a few pointers to ensure the perfect paint color:

  • Consider the “mood” of the room. Certain colors evoke certain feelings.

-Yellow is cheery and warm. Some research says that it can increase your metabolism!

-Red is stimulating, strong and dramatic and it is associated with warmth, love and comfort
-Blue is calming and serene. It is often used in an office as research shows that it increases productivity.
-Green symbolizes nature and is thought to relieve stress and possibly increase your reading ability.

  • Use matte or flat finishes to hide imperfections but use a glossy finish when you need to reflect light. If you would like to bounce more light in the room but love flat finish walls, consider using a glossy finish on the ceiling.
  • To make your ceilings look higher, paint your trim and ceiling in a lighter tone of the same color.

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