Paparazzi Posing!

It seems like there are cameras everywhere this time of year! There are parties with photographers, family and friends with cameras and, of course, it is also time to pose for the family Christmas card! I asked Steve Riley, former photographer of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar, what I can do to look my best in each and every photo. Here are his tips:

-Practice finding your best side in the mirror at home or look at snapshots that you like of yourself. Movie Stars do it! Why can’t you?
-Be sure to mattify your make up. Shiny, glossy and iridescent cosmetics are less flattering when digital cameras are around.
-Work on your captivating smile in the mirror. If it is hard for you, try this: breathe in and, just before the shot, breath out saying the word “yes” while smiling! This will create the look of a natural smile.
-Lean forward slightly at the waist and take the chin down. Event photographers always have their lights on high to prevent red-eye. This light creates shadows under the nose and chin but leaning forward and lowering your chin removes them.
-Attitude makes a difference. Have fun with the camera and pretend that you are on the red carpet at the Oscars vamping for you cheering fans.

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