My quest to remember every birthday was improved upon this year when I enlisted the help of a few tools!

-I started out writing out all of my friends birthday’s in a perpetual calendar. I like this Andy Warhol calendar for it’s bright iconic images. It is great when I remember to look at it! It is certainly helpful to a certain extent and I continue to keep it up but this next tool was the key to keeping on top of these special days. is an easy to use website that will send you an email reminder for all of the special occasions that you want to commemorate. I set mine to send me a reminder ten days in advance and then again the day before. This way, I can send a card or gift and call! I like to enter my dates manually but there is also a tool to send your friends an email that will allow them to enter their birthday’s automatically. Their e-card feature is really convenient but nothing beats a real card sent by snail-mail and a phone call.

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