Holiday Travel Time!

I can’t believe it but it is time to book your holiday travel if you haven’t already! Did you know that the rates for flying during the holidays are 20% higher than normal? Crazy!

Here are a few quick tips for saving money on your holiday travel.
  • Consider using airfare tracking tools and signing up for fare change alerts at sites like, Bing Travel, or
  • Be flexible! If you have flexibility with your travel days, you are pretty much guaranteed savings. Avoid peak holiday travel dates, especially the day before or the day after a holiday. Use the search engines that feature a “flexible date” search which will search for the cheapest fares over a range of dates., and all offer one.
  • Use an alternate airport if you can. Using a smaller alternate airport in the area you are flying to can really save you money. Even you need to drive a bit further, the smaller airports are often less crowded and easier to navigate.

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