Gingerbread House Making Party

Gingerbread houses are always a fun and interactive holiday activity, so why not host a decorating party. Invite some of your friends over and tell them that you will provide the gingerbread and the icing, but they should bring their favorite candies or treats to decorate the houses. You should probably build the houses the day before, so they can dry and won’t collapse. Make a couple of extra houses, just in case there is an accident. This will be much easier for your friends and they can just focus on decorating the houses. To set the mood, light some holiday fragrance candles and play some festive Christmas music. Arrange stations for your friends to work at around your breakfast or dining room table to decorate their gingerbread houses. You will want to use a plastic tablecloth to cover your table, because the decorating process can get messy. At each station have plenty of icing and utensils to decorate the houses with.You can also have prizes for your friends who have the most creatively decorated houses and you don’t have to worry about providing a party favor because your guests can take home their newly decorated gingerbread house.

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