Fashion Recycling

Here are a few trends to pull out of those dusty boxes in your closet and throw them on!

  1. Neon Clothing– 80’s—You can walk into American Apparel and see the various cotton neon t-shirts or shirt dresses that grace the racks. But unlike the 1980’s, you’re more likely to see these neon pieces as accessories under blazers, or with skinny black jeans and understated heels. The key is making the outfit pop with an understated edge.
  2. The MiniDress– 60-70’s—The minidress has a way of never leaving the fashion consciousness. This season, pair it with tights and flat shoes.
  3. Plaid: 1970’s & 90’s —Young and old can pull this off. It is in all variations: button up shirts, tunics, dresses.
  4. Boyfriend Blazer: HELLO 80’S… looks great over a dress and gives a masculine feel. Roll the sleeves up if there is a lot of room and most of them have a cool lining to show off. Keep the blazer in a neutral…mostly seen in black and navy.
  5. Fur- No animal lovers, not the real thing. Back in the 70’s fur coats and vest were everywhere and they are BACK. Seen on Rachel Zoe and Kate Moss fur is attacking the streets. So pull our the fur coat or vest from the moth balls and strut yourself on the sidewalk.

Here are some trends you may want to put back into those boxes and save for another rainy day. Next summer is all about a 90s revival: sportswear and grunge mixed with a massive shot of sex and glamour.

  1. Sports Wear/Cycling shorts- Set to be next summer’s answer to leggings, the lycra knee-length short was seen on the most unlikely catwalks, Armani’s showed them under a cocktail dress and Donna Karan had them worn under everything.
  2. Fanny Packs– Seen at Marc Jacobs, the pioneer of the 90s grunge movement. Worn slung low around the hips, they achieved an overall mood of sporty utilitarianism. Seen at Louis Vuitton as well. For a cheaper and more immediate version, hit American Apparel where they come in nylon and denim.
  3. Layers- With next season’s sheer, floaty fabrics, we’re being encouraged to layer up. Next season is said to be everything shear so most designers layerd T-shirts, vests, leggings and dresses.

Trends to throw away and never to be seen again.

  1. Phrase Graphic Tees: a graphic tee on a grown woman is an automatic fail. Stock up on your solids girls!
  2. Neon & Printed Stockings: You want to accentuate your legs not draw circus like attention to them.
  3. Lace: Lace gloves, lace shirts, lace dresses, cross them all off the list of trends you might’ve been hoping didn’t get the axe, this trend is dead.
  4. Uggs: Uggs are soft and warm in cold winters but, they aren’t waterproof in a snowstorm and definitely shouldn’t be worn in place of sandals with a miniskirt and tank top in the summer.

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