Black Friday Survival Guide!

Black Friday is exhilarating, money saving and an energetic transition into the Gift Giving season. However, if you don’t have all your ducks in a row, it can be a really stressful day! To kick the gifting season off right, follow my Black Friday Survival Guide!

  • Parking difficulties can really get your day started off wrong. If you don’t have a relative or friend who is willing to drop you off and pick up at the mall then this is a day when splurging on valet parking is well worth it!
  • Keep an gift file and take it with you on your shopping. Make a list of all of people you want to buy for, a few ideas of things they might like, and then leave space to write the things that you did purchase for them.
  • If you stuff stockings, keep your eyes peeled at the registers for great little treats that will delight on Christmas morning.
  • Plan your day at the mall by perusing the mall’s website before you go. Make sure you are not trying to zip through your favorite shop while the Christmas puppet show is going on there and there are 100 families waiting around (can you tell I am speaking from experience?)!
  • Schedule time for a coffee break, lunch, and a few minutes to just sit and go over your list.
  • Dress comfortably!
  • Smile! You might end up on the local news coverage!

Where will I be? At the department stores!

  • At Macy’s checking out the 50% off deals from Martha Stewart.
  • At Nordstrom for Ralph Lauren
  • At Dillards for DKNY

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