Tailgate Time!

Now that the NFL football season is in full swing, we want to make sure that you are prepared for the tailgating party! Football and tailgating go hand in hand . Tailgating is a great American pastime where cooking, eating, drinking and watching football take place in the stadium parking lot. It is the best way to celebrate and socialize with friends and beat traffic too! The key to successful tailgating is the plan ahead. Here is my list of tailgate party essentials:

Cooler – a well stocked cooler is a must! Be sure to keep food and drinks separate.
Drinks – pack a variety of drinks unless you know exactly what your “team” will want.
Grill – I love the Freedom Grill because it is so easy to transport
Food – the most important ingredient is the meat! Hot dogs, hamburgers and barbecue are staples at tailgate parties.
Music – be sure to bring something that you can play music from!
Bags for trash
Can opener
Bottle opener
Sharp knife
Wet Wipes
Folding Chairs
Canopy – Ez-Up makes a great tent for tailgating rain or shine!
A football – warm up for watching!
Clothing to show your team spirit
Decorations – If you want to be the best tailgate party in the lot, be sure to decorate with your team’s paraphernalia, team colors and music!

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