Halloween Invitation Ideas

Can you believe that it is time to start planning for your Halloween party! Here are a few ideas that will scare the costumes off of your pals:

1. Evite has adorable options for Trick or Treating parties this year. Evite is a simple and quick alternative to a printed invitation. It is more festive than sending a regular email and but less exciting than an invitation sent by snail mail.

2. For the “digital-do-it-yourselfers” out there, check out Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin-top invitations. I love how professional the invitations look but they do take a bit of time to print out and assemble.

Another elegant alternative it the Light up the Night invitation from Michaels.

3. For my crafty friends, I recommend putting together something a bit more daunting. A simple black or white gift box with black filler is the perfect container to deliver these gruesome fake fingers to your friends. I found these on Amazon.com and think that they are perfectly gross! Affix a label with all of the event details to the inside of the lid of the box and another label to the outside with the recipients name on it. This invitation will really work best if you can hand deliver it. I know it sounds like a lot of effort but it will certainly make an impact and set the tone for a bewitching evening.
Don’t forget to spell out the invitation in a spooky style. Try to incorporate words like haunting, bewitching, goulish, spook-tacular, and harrowing. Here are few examples of verbiage ideas for your invitation:
Calling all Ghosts and Goblins and Witches
Please join the Whitmans for some Halloween mishief.

Are you looking forward to an evening of fright?
Then please come and join us on Halloween Night.

and instead of asking for a simple RSVP, you should write:
We are dying to hear from you….please reply.

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