Candy Apples the Easy Way!

Looking for a fun weekend activity? I love the idea of making candy apples for my son and his friends. It is the perfect way to start a new family tradition and to satisfy the sweet tooth that we all have this time of year! Here is a simple and sweet recipe that I know you will enjoy:

Combine 2 14 oz bags of caramels (the unwrapped kind of course!) and 1/4 cup of heavy cream in a sauce pan on the stove. Continue to stir for about ten minutes of until the caramels have melted. This can burn so you do need to keep an eye on it.
Let it cool for only a few minutes while you add popsicle sticks to 8 Granny Smith Apples. Granny Smith Apples are the perfect match for the sweet caramel because they are a bit tart. You need to be a bit tough with the sticks to get them in but just keep wiggling and they will work.
Cover the apples in the caramel right on the stove top and then dip them into a tray of sprinkles for little bit of extra pizazz. You could lay them on their side of stand them up straight depending on how you would like to present them.
Let them cool and then dig in!

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