Red Lips for All!

Everyone can wear this Fall’s hottest accessory: Red Lips! It really can be beautiful on anyone if you know how to wear it right!

Not all reds are alike and picking the perfect color is key. You must consider your underlying skin tone.
  • If your base skin color has yellow tones, a warmer shade of red with brown undertones is perfect for you. Look for something that you might describe as “brick red.”
  • If your natural skin has red or pink undertones, you will want to lean towards reds with a pink or blue base.
  • Warm olive skin tones, like mine, look best in a warm red to match. An orange or golden tone will work.
  • Women with dark skin look amazing in a bright fuchsia-like red.
  • Look for a long-wearing lipstick as the bold red is more noticeable as it starts to fade than a pale color is.

Even if you pick the perfect tone, red can still be tricky so here a few application tips:

  • Start with a lip moisturizer as a base.
  • Apply a thin layer of your foundation or powder to help set the red lipstick. This will also help it last longer.
  • Line your lips with a neutral lip liner (not a red one!) and then color them in with the same liner.
  • Apply red lipstick lightly with a makeup brush so that you have an even application.
  • Lightly blot your lips with a tissue after you have applied the lipstick.

Keeping your red lipstick from smearing is easy!

  • Do as the beauty queens do and put a touch of vaseline on your front teeth.

Finish off your red-lip look with clean natural skin and mascara. Avoid too much blush, eyeliner or shadow or you will look overdone.

For a more gentler look, combine your best shade of red with a bit of vaseline or clear gloss for a natural rosy gloss look.

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