A little Stress Relief!

We are all so overworked, overwhelmed and overdone! I am always looking for simple ways to relieve stress in an instant.

-The journal of Physiology & Behavior published some research that stated that smelling a lemon, especially the peels) can boost your mood!
-Play a game on your computer or iPhone. I know it sounds childish but can really relieve tension.
-Read anything. A study in Great Britain shows that even as little as six minutes of reading can lower your stress level by 68%!
-Laugh. Tune into the Gene & Julie show every morning for a good chuckle or just try to find the humor in everything going on around you.
-Volunteer. Many people think that they just can not add another thing to their schedule but taking the time to volunteer can really put your own problems into perspective. When you are helping others, your worries will disappear. To learn more about the fund-raising events going on in Dallas and read about volunteer opportunities, check out my website www.RSVPcalendar.com.

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