How to give the Perfect Toast!

Today is my husband’s best friend, Jon Bronson’s, birthday and when I think of Jon, I think of someone who can make a fabulous toast! He is known for his hilarious roasts and charming toasts and he gave my all-time favorite toast at our wedding where he was the Best Man. In honor of his birthday, I thought I should write some toasting tips for the rest of us who do not share Jon’s natural gift of gab!

My favorite resource for Tips on Toasting is Town & Country Magazines wonderful book Toasts for Every Occasion. Here are a few of the books best tips:
-The biggest mistake a person makes when giving a toast is talking for tooooooo long! Keep it short and sweet. Under two minutes is ideal.
-Remember to talk about the honoree. Many people talk about themselves instead of the person they want to toast.
-Make it personal but do not bring up inside jokes that the other guests will not understand. Always be kind, gracious and flattering.
-Arrive prepared and speak slowly and deliberately.
-Stand up straight and take a deep breath before you begin.
-Hold your glass of champagne in front of you for the duration of your toast and raise it up higher at the end. Everyone should stand while you raise your glass except for the guest of honor.

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