Shop The Top! Flea Market Tips

Flea Markets are a great resource for finding unique and well priced things for your home. Round Top Texas is famous for its wonderful flea market. People come from around the world for this fantastic bi-annual event. One of my favorite Dallas/Fort Worth event planning companies wants you to join them to “Shop The Top” in style. They have organized an amazing three day shopping event that includes transportation and assistance with your purchases among other things. For more information call 972-380-4233.

To help you prepare for your flea market adventure, In Any Event shared a list of tips for successful flea market shopping with me:
Dress Down! Don’t show up in your Sunday best or you will pay more for your items! Also be sure to go prepared with a hat, jacket and sunscreen.
Arrive Early but don’t Leave Early. If you want to have a great selection arrive to the event as it is starting. There are many professional designers and artists who wait at the entrance gate to many markets so that they have a chance at the best items. But don’t be intimidated by their eagerness. There are always great items and deals to be found. The best prices are often found in the final hours of the event when dealers are dreading packing up their belongings again. Make them an offer that is more appealing than packing and you might leave with a treasure.
Take Cash. Make a budget for yourself and take that amount in cash. Small bills only though! One, Five, Ten and Twenty dollar bills are appropriate.
Hunt for Treasures. The best deals are found at the dealers who spread their wares out on an old blanket or folding table. The dealers who spend a great deal of time arranging their booth and merchandising their goods typically have higher prices.
Bring Plastic Bags. Most dealers don’t have bags for you to carry your things in. You might also want to bring some bubble wrap or a small rolling cart.
Drive the appropriate vehicle. Don’t take your tiny convertible if you are planning to purchase a dining table! Borrow a truck or van if you don’t have one of your own and arrive prepared with packing materials such as blankets, bubble wrap, tape and boxes.
Be Prepared. Call ahead of information on the hours of operation, parking, and entrance fees. Always keep your mobile phone with you and ware comfortable clothing and shoes.

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