Needlepoint News

If you read this blog on a regular basis then you know that I am still struggling to finish the needlepoint on my son’s Christmas Stocking after almost a year and a half! It was my first foray into needlepoint with the exception of a few small projects my grandmother taught me on as a little girl. I didn’t get myself into this situation on purpose though! I bought the stocking for my grandmother to make for my baby boy and she decided that it was just too much for her right now because she was working on two different quilts for her Church Benefit. She was very excited to teach me to do it though! The pressure is really on because she keeps asking me how it is going! All of this is to say that I should have started with a more reasonable project. Something a bit more manageable might have encouraged me instead of frustrated me! I am now anxious to get the stocking done so that I can move on to the fun and fashionable projects by AMH Designs. Their adorable journals and photo albums are small and manageable. What great gifts! You can order the kits or spend a bit more and get some that are already completed with your favorite friends initials or lucky number! Check out their site for more all of the options.

I also adore their tool bracelet. I need one as I am always looking for my needle threader and scissors!

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