Go Green for Back to School

I have simple easy everyday tips for making a green return to school!
-Shop with your re-usable bags, not just at the grocery market, but at every store you go to. Keep some in your car at all times so that you never need to feel the guilt of throwing away extra sacs.
-By recycled products when you can. There is a lot of recycled paper and pencil options out there.
-Don’t buy supplies that you already have. Use your leftovers from last year.
-Avoid disposable products wherever possible. The average American has 1000 lbs of trash a year! Invest in a re-usable lunch box and thermos instead of sending lunches to school in disposable bags.
-Walk or Bike to school if you can.
I love the pencil project featured at babycenter.com. It is such a fun and easy way to make use of your old cereal boxes! Follow the link below for step by step instructions.

Flower Pencil Top Project

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